Pretty in Pink: A Portsmouth, NH Brownstone

When I see a pretty front door, I’m not likely to forget it, even though I’ve admired too many front doors to count. There’s something about a door painted in a knock-out color, surrounded by tons of flowers, that sticks with me. That’s why I got excited when I saw this real estate listing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This is one of the home’s notable entrances:


I’d recognize that door anywhere, and I knew I had a picture of it from the last time I visited!


As soon as I saw the bright pink front door framed by that deep blue, I fell in love. The colors of the facade combined with the flowers and sky blue bench (that matches the shutters!) creates a whimsical, lively atmosphere in the courtyard. If ever there was the perfect setting in which to use this color scheme, this is it.

Of course, the homeowners’ love of color is not checked at the door—there’s plenty more inside! (You didn’t think a house this colorful on the outside would be boring on the inside, did you?)

The foyer is painted a bright, cheerful blue.


Sunny yellow cabinets stand out in the kitchen. The backsplash tiles coordinate perfectly.


I would love to know what inspired the homeowners’ choice of cabinet color and backsplash tile. Were they inspired by a home or kitchen they saw on vacation? Did the idea come from a magazine, or simply their imaginations?


The kitchen and dining areas seem to be connected, so the purple chairs are a smart match with the bright yellow cabinets. These hues are opposite each other on the color wheel, which means they are complimentary. I love it when I can see what a homeowner was thinking when making color choices!


I’m a huge fan of this red library, and red is not usually a color I’m drawn to. It looks like it has a healthy dose of orange in it, which softens it a bit. What do you think—could you relax in this room?


I’m also loving these greens—they look so fresh and happy. This is the kind of room that would feel warm and spring-like even on a frosty winter’s day along the coast.


This living area is painted a subdued periwinkle blue. Compared to the other rooms in the house, dare I say this color is the least interesting even though it’s still very pretty?


The shower tiles in this bathroom are so cute! I wish they had been used elsewhere, perhaps as the vanity backsplash. This room is quite busy with a mix of decor styles. If I bought this house, I’d find a way to make the shower tiles the main design element.


There’s another bathroom in a complimentary color scheme with a stand-alone tub. This bath also has a lot of tile! My favorite element is the clawfoot tub—it looks so sweet in peach.


Back to the exterior, there’s a second entrance that is even more colorful than the pink door. You didn’t think it was possible, did you?


Here’s another view, pulled back for full effect. It’s a completely different house from this side in contrast to the other entrance, isn’t it?


I didn’t post photos of them here, but the bedrooms appear to be the only rooms in the house where the homeowners’ use of color was much more conservative.

When I spotted this house years ago, I wondered what the inside looked like. Now that I know, I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m curious to know what the buyer will do—will they embrace it, whitewash it, or strike a balance somewhere in the middle?

For more photos of the interior, take a look at the listing here. All photos of the house are from the listing unless otherwise noted.